SEMINCI | 62 Edición | Time of History




78/52, Alexandre O. Philippe (USA) -Out of competition- See more / Trailer 

Bayang ina mo (Motherland), Ramona S. Díaz (USA/The Phillipines) See more / Trailer 

Bobbi Jene, Elvira Nana Lind (Denmark/Switzerland) See more / Trailer 

City of Ghosts, Matthew Heineman -Out of competition- (USA) See more / Trailer 

De Kinderen Van Juf Kiet (Miss Kiet’s Children), Petra and Peter Lataster (The Netherlands) See more / Trailer 

Dina, Dan Sickles & Antonio Santini (USA) See more / Trailer 

Hyvä postimies (The Good Postman), Tonislav Hristov (Finland/Bulgaria) See more / Trailer 

Liberation Day, Morten Traavik and Ugis Olte (Norway/Latvia) See more / Trailer 

La libertad del diablo (Devil’s Freedom), Everardo González (Mexico)  See more / Trailer 

Neljä Elemttiä, (Life in four Elements), Natalie Halla (Finland) See more / Trailer

Panoptic, Rana Eid (Lebanon/United Arab Emirates) See more / Trailer

Shootball, Fèlix Colomer (Spain) See more / Trailer

Soul, José Antonio Blanco, Ángel Parra (Spain) -Out of competition- See more 

Ta acordaba ba tu el Filipinas?, Sally Gutiérrez (Spain/Philippines) See more / Trailer

Ta peau si lisse (A Skin So Soft), Denis Côte, (Switzerland) See more / Trailer

Taste of Cement, Ziad Kalthoum, (Germany/Lebanon/Syria/United Arab Emirates/Qatar), See more / Trailer

Le Vénérable W. (The Venerable W.) Barbet Schroeder, (France/Switzerland) -Out of competition- See more / Trailer

Visages Villages (Faces Places), Agnès Varda, JR, (France) -Out of competition- See more / Trailer




Blue Sky from Pain, Stepahnos Mangriotis, Hyacinthe Pavlides (Greece/France) See more / Trailer

La carta de Zahra, Paula Palacios (Spain) -Out of competition- See more 

Commodity City, Jessica Kingdon (USA/China) See more / Trailer

Polonez (Polonaise), Agnieszka Elbanowska (Poland) See more

Raymond Tallis I On Tickling (Raymond Tallis: On Tickling), Johan Grimonprez (Belgium) See more / Trailer

Retour à Genoa City (Back to Genoa City), Benoît Grimalt (France) See more 

Sigo acá (I'm still here), Tana Gilbert (Chile) See more 

Tres oraciones sobre la Argentina, Nele Wohlatz (Argentina) See more 

What Happened to Her, Kristy Guevara-Flanagan (USA) See more 



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