Los Voluble, Benito Jiménez (dirección técnica) | Spain | 2016


Fortress Europe has been building an insurmountable wall of images for much longer than the current ‘refugee crisis’. «In the last 10 years we have been collecting materials, music, news, security recordings and statements by politicians that we present as an audiovisual catastrophe». Borderhack fights against the politics of fear of the other and wants to hack the colonial imaginaries in which our culture is based using electronics, flamenco and noise. Through an audiovisual journey that leaps over, circles and observes physical, mental, self-imposed and mandatory frontiers, Los Voluble (Benito and Pedro Jiménez) bring us one of their audiovisual catastrophes thanks to a live remix of image and sound featuring own, borrowed and selected material from different archives.


October 26th, Friday | 22:00 hours | Sala Experimental Teatro Zorrilla